GeoRocket offers a REST-based, relational API providing global data for ZIP Codes, Cities, Counties, Regions and Countries.

Our API is based on our 10 year’s experience designing and building APIs, both for clients and our own software products.

Along the way, we’ve identified some key features and functionality that nobody else has yet developed well enough in the geodata marketplace.

What sets us apart from most API providers is that we aim to:

  • Supply honest, transparent information about precisely what our API does (and doesn't do)
  • Comprehensively document all of the features, and continue to maintain and iterate our Documentation
  • Provide developer-led customer support – no support agents or outsourcing to helpdesk staff that don’t truly understand our products.

About Tim Carr

Photo of Tim Carr Tim Carr is the founder of GeoRocket. He’s an experienced Web Developer and Consultant, who has also founded n7 Studios, a Birmingham based WordPress Development and Consultancy firm, and WP Zinc, a collection of Premium WordPress Plugins designed to automate marketing efforts and content creation.

Tim also regularly contributes technical based WordPress articles on SitePoint, and is quoted in publications including Fundera.