Fetch Geo Data for Street Names, ZIP Codes, Cities, Counties and Regions.

GeoRocket offers a REST-based, relational API providing global data for Street Names, ZIP Codes, Cities, Counties, Regions and Countries.

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Comprehensive Datasets

Comprehensive Datasets

GeoRocket offers a REST-based, relational API covering:

  • 249 Countries
  • 3,956 Regions
  • 44,456 Counties
  • 3,675,457 Cities
  • 2,387,829 Zipcodes
  • 13,645 Zipcode Districts (UK only)
  • 627,649 Street Names (UK only)
Geocode Lookups

Geocode Lookups

GeoRocket is the ideal replacement for Google Geocoding's Service. Enter any ZIP Code or City, and fetch the latitude and longitude.

Relational Data by Radius

Relational Data by Radius

Easily get geo data within a given radius of a starting point. For example:

  • Return all ZIP Codes within a 10 mile radius of a City,
  • Return all ZIP Codes and Cities within a 10 mile radius of a ZIP Code
Relational Data by Area

Relational Data by Area

Easily get geo data within one or more areas, such as a City, County or Region. For example:

  • Fetch all ZIP Codes in a given City,
  • Fetch all Cities in 3 Counties
  • Fetch all Cities in a Country
Relational Data by Area

Street Names


For UK data, build a list of Street Names. For example:

  • Fetch all Street Names in a Postcode District,
  • Fetch all Street Names in one or more Cities


GeoRocket provides a simple RESTful JSON API, which is fully documented

Detailed Examples

Detailed Examples

With a huge variety of ways to fetch the data that you need from GeoRocket, we continue to document example API queries that you can make, based on your use case. View Documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data is included?

GeoRocket provides a RESTful JSON API that provides ZIP Codes, City Names, County Names, Region Names and Country Names.

Do I have to pay every month?

For continued access to the API, as well as support, an active subscription is required. Payments are collected automatically each month.

Are there rate limits?

API requests are limited to 60 requests per minute.

How many domains can I use an API token on?

There is no limit to the number of domains that you can use the API token on.

I have a question about how to perform a specific request

Please review our detailed Documentation section, which not only provides comprehensive API documentation, but also documents many examples for common "how to" queries.