Before opening a support request:

  1. Refer to the Documentation. We work hard to ensure this is as detailed as possible, and covers as many questions / how-to’s as possible.
  2. Learn how best to ask for support by reading this article. This will save time and frustration, resulting in your issue being fixed faster.

How Support Works

To ensure the best possible support is delivered to all customers, we follow a few basic rules:

  • Our support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm UTC.
  • Support is provided via email only
  • We aim to respond in 2 working days (this applies to initial enquiries and responses.
  • All support requests are handled oldest to newest – so bumping / following up a request may slow down the response time.

Open a Support Request

No matter how frustrated you may be, approaching us in a belittling, condescending, brash manner; expecting an immediate resolution, demanding something or being plain rude won’t make us fix your issue any faster. We’d much prefer a professional, polite interaction so that we can focus on getting your issue fixed quickly.
When reporting a bug / issue, remember to include:
- Steps taken to reproduce the issue
- Actual code used (preferably linked to a GitHub Gist)
- What you expect to happen
- What actually happens

Support requests with all of the above will be prioritised and resolved faster. Please note that we may request the above information if it is not supplied in your original request.